Non-profit Dutch Business Gateway in China

RCRO Your reliable partner in China

RCRO - Helping Netherlands Doing business in China

Stichting RCRO is a non-profit foundation and major Dutch Business Gateway in China. It has helped over 2,000 Dutch organizations doing business through its Shanghai and Chongqing offices. Due to an established network of governments and partners, RCRO helps Dutch organizations opening doors in China if needed.


Since its establishment in 1987, RCRO has developed one of the oldest and strongest relationships between China and Netherlands.


In order to save time and costs, RCRO helps with in-depth follow up actions and guidance on the ground. This ranges from strategic advice to execution of projects, events, seminars, exhibitions. Additionally, RCRO has extensive expertise in supporting business development activities of Dutch companies in China.

To avoid common mistakes of doing business in China, RCRO often accompany Participants in meetings with Chinese partners and help in negotiations. This has led to many successful cases of Dutch companies in China - the main mission of RCRO. 

Associating with RCRO, the Dutch organization is often perceived as a trustworthy partner with government relations. This opens doors in China. 

Not only Dutch companies, but also other Dutch institutions (such as Universities / Museums / Business Associations / Dutch Governments etc) have discovered the benefits of RCRO as their reliable partner in China. Examples of sectors include:

  • Education / Culture
  • Logistics / Shipping / Warehousing
  • Agriculture / Horticulture / Food
  • International Trade
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas, Offshore
  • Financial Institutions
  • Service Providers (Law firms / Accounting / Creative /Training etc.)
  • Energy
  • High Tech
  • Health
  • Water


As “Non-profit Dutch Business Gateway to China”, RCRO works closely with local governments and Dutch representations in China, such as the Embassy, Consulate Generals, NBSOs, and Chamber of Commerce, to act in the best interest of stakeholders.

Reliability, Expertise, Network are key factors why Dutch institutions choose RCRO to be their representation in China. The highly experienced team of Dutch and local staff provide practical and in-depth support to RCRO’s Participants when and where needed.

“As Dutch business gateway, RCRO has been able to support over 2,000 companies from the Netherlands with their business activities in China and especially to Shanghai; therefore instrumental in promoting Sino-Dutch business relations”

Mr. Ivo W. Opstelten
Former Minister of Security & Justice, Former Mayor of Rotterdam

Mr. Ivo W. Opstelten