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CES Asia --- the Rise of Chinese Consumer Electronics Companies

June 12th, 2017

2017 CES Asia was held from June 7th to June 9th at SNIEC. It converged consumer electronics technology in various fields from 22 countries and 450 exhibitors, fully displaying the broadness and depth of technology innovation in Asian market. Key technology and products including smart home, UAV, virtual / augmented reality, artificial intelligence, vehicle technology and internet of things have drawn a lot of public attention. From the exhibition, you can feel the latest trends in the consumer technology industry in Asia and take the lead in experiencing the unprecedented breakthroughs that have been brought about by well-known brands and innovative enterprises. It has become a platform for world’s electronic products enterprises to release product information, display high level of technology and advocate a smarter lifestyle.

Baidu Apollo Plan - Baidu provided the automotive driving industry with an open, complete and secure software platform to help them quickly set up an integrated automatic driving system based on their own hardware system.

NOLO, RealMax, COOVR and other well-known companies brought a variety of products to 2017 CES Asia. VR&AR overdrew public’s attention in the past two years, which resulted in its difficulty to reach people’s expectation. But the industry itself had been moving forward. With the arrival of 5G and big video era, the VR/AR industry would have great promise, especially in aspects such as education, games, and film & television.

Jingdong focused on using artificial intelligence, intelligent equipment, enhanced / virtual reality, big data and other emerging technologies to make e-commerce more intelligent.


N4 exhibition hall specifically set up "start-up enterprise demonstration zone” for all participating start-ups to provide products and interact with audience effectively, especially the companies from Zhangjiang High-tech park.

Dutch start-up park stage co-organized by the Dutch Innovation office , HighTechXL, as well as Xnode presented the combination of technology and business, the application of latest technology into daily life, which also provided more opportunities for bilateral cooperation between Dutch and Chinese enterprises.

What was surprising to see this year was the emerging of private innovative brands from China mainland, which accounted for a significant percentage at the show. It also reflected that "Made in China" was making a transition to “Created in China”. Besides, people’s pursuit for technology also upgraded in the past several years, which meant “smarter technology” should be both useful and interesting.