Non-profit Dutch Business Gateway in China

RCRO Your reliable partner in China


RCRO’s participant are Dutch companies and institutions from different sectors, who are looking into carrying out business activities in China – SUCCESSFULLY.

RCRO has since its start in 1987, supported over 2000 Dutch organizations with their activities in China, and enjoys a strong reputation amongst the local Business society and Governments. Dutch organizations that are associated with RCRO are often seen as a reputable institution by Chinese parties, and in China more doors may open.

RCRO’s Participants include the following Dutch organizations that are related to China:

  • Multinationals and SME (‘MKB’) companies from all sectors
  • Governments (Consulate Generals / City Governments “Gemeentes” etc)
  • Educational Institutions (e.g. Universities, High-school)
  • Cultural Institutions (e.g. Musea)

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