Non-profit Dutch Business Gateway in China

RCRO Your reliable partner in China

RCRO Board of Directors

The RCRO Board of Directors consists of leaders of prominent Dutch international organizations. These members typically have extensive China expertise and understand the dynamics when dealing with Dutch and Chinese parties. The Board members are often delegates from RCRO’s Participants, and they bring about a comprehensive range of industry expertise including Maritime/Offshore, Diplomacy, Investments, Environment, Creative industry, Logistics, Horticulture, Chemical, Trading, Banking, Warehousing, Exhibitions, Legal, Financials, Education, Museum and Culture, and Manufacturing etc.

The Board is responsible for monitoring the stability of RCRO and to identify potential risks if any. At the same time, the Board also works closely with the Managing Director of RCRO in China to help ensure that the interests of the Participants are properly looked after.

The Board of Directors

Mr. Gerard van Drielen – Chairman
Mr. Leo Boersen – Secretary
Mr. Bastiaan van der Knaap – Treasurer
Mr. Jacob van der Vis – Board member
Ms. Anita van der Laan – Board member
Mr. Remco Buurman – Board member