Non-profit Dutch Business Gateway in China

RCRO Your reliable partner in China

RCRO China Network Shanghai Chongqing

RCRO has 2 offices in China, with headquarter in Shanghai and a branch office in Chongqing.


In Shanghai RCRO is one of the first official foreign representative offices to act as a business gateway to China. It has a long history since 1987, and close relationships with leaders on a business and governmental level. Further, RCRO maintains close relations with both the China Council Promotion International Trade (CCPIT) Shanghai and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce which regulates foreign direct investments (FDI).

Participants of RCRO could access an extensive network and knowledge in areas of interest. This makes RCRO a reliable and capable partner in China.

CHONGQING (West China)

While the Shanghai office has supervision responsibility over entire China, the Chongqing office is established mainly to support Dutch organizations pursuing opportunities in West China. Incentive scheme and Go West Strategy has been initiated by the Chinese Government and more opportunities arise for Dutch organizations in various fields such as Agriculture, Logistics, Outbound Direct Investment, etc.

Increasing number of Dutch organizations has already benefited from RCRO’s network and support in West China with measurable results.

RCRO Chongqing’s office is located inside the Consulate General and works closely with the Dutch Consulate General, NFIA, and NBSO (Netherlands Business Support Office) in West China. Participants are able to access a network of high-level business and government relations. In addition, RCRO can also provide in-depth business support and ongoing follow up tailor–made to Partipants’s business needs.

These include Business Development initiatives, Partnership search, CEO round tables, Delegation support, at anytime and anywhere.