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RCRO Participants - Doing Sucessfull Business in China

RCRO Participants - Dutch organizations doing business in China - Zakendoen China

RCRO’s participant are Dutch companies and institutions from different sectors, who are looking into carrying out business activities in China – SUCCESSFULLY.

RCRO has since its start in 1987, supported over 2000 Dutch organizations with their activities in China, and enjoys a strong reputation amongst the local Business society and Governments. Dutch organizations that are associated with RCRO are often seen as a reputable institution by Chinese parties, and in China more doors may open.

RCRO’s Participants include the following Dutch organizations that are related to China:

  • Multinationals and SME (‘MKB’) companies from all sectors
  • Governments (Consulate Generals / City Governments “Gemeentes” etc)
  • Educational Institutions (e.g. Universities, High-school)
  • Cultural Institutions (e.g. Musea)

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