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RCRO Participants - Doing Sucessfull Business in China

Benefits Participation (Membership)

RCRO is probably the most well-connected business platform in China for Dutch organizations. As a Dutch Business Gateway to China, RCRO plays an important role in the support of Dutch organizations that are taking China seriously. Participating in RCRO enables your organization to gain potential competitive advantage in China by leveraging on RCRO’s key contributes: Reputation, Expertise, and Network.


Since the start in 1987, RCRO has been endorsed by both the Dutch and the PRC government – symbolized in the opening event with former PRC President Jiang Zemin and former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers. Ever since ROCRO has been involved with high-level projects and delegation support, such as:

  • Supporting the setup of the Dutch Consulate General in Shanghai and also in ChongQing
  • Organizing official delegations for Ministers and Mayor
  • Shanghai World Expo
  • Outbound Investment related CEO round-tables and seminars
  • Enabling high-level partnership collaboration / MOU

Based on RCRO’s strong reputation, it is able to help solving challenging issues and demanding needs of Participants relating to China.


To fully understand the Chinese market and opportunities, it takes years of experience in this vast and often complex environment. Over the years RCRO has gained comprehensive expertise in China captured in a loyal team with long-term tenures.

While dealing with Participants from various industries with different business needs, RCRO has built up a vast amount of expertise to facilitate smooth business activities. If however, a specific expertise is required (such as legal expertise) RCRO is able to help appoint the suitable expert, based on experience.  


As a semi-governmental organization with a track record of nearly 30 years, RCRO has built a strong relationship with the local governments and prominent businesses. RCRO is known in the business and government level due to high-level missions and projects such as the World-Expo Shanghai. This could open more doors in China.

RCRO’s Participants are the first to be involved in high-level discussions and business opportunities.



  • As RCRO's Participant/Partner it is possible to have your logo on our website, and mention the affiliation with RCRO in your corporate information or website link.
  • In addition, Participants also have the right to act as a host location for certain gatherings.
  • In high-level gatherings, Participants are often speakers in relevant fields in front of business leaders and potential clients.
  • Opportunities for exposure of logo and company information.